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"Community Spirit" is the title we have given to our project to make sure that St Luke’s Church fully serves the whole community of East and West Morton.


It will involve removing the inflexible and uncomfortable pews and replacing them with movable and stackable chairs, and creating a proper kitchen and new toilet facilities.


St Luke's Church, East Morton was built in 1851. It has played a big part in the lives of families and individuals for many generations. It is the only building in a village of 3,500 people capable of accommodating a large number of people.


Now at a time when fewer people come regularly to church we are conscious that it is selfish to keep this asset just for those who come to church services. We have a big vision to renovate our Church to provide substantial space for community activities. Our vision is that these facilities will be used for a wide range of activities for children, young people and adults during the day on most days, and most evenings.


At the beginning of 2018 we carried out an extensive programme of consultation with the local community in East Morton. Residents are excited at the possibilities that will be available in a large community-oriented building. In addition to regular church worship we expect to be able to put on

• Concerts & music events

• Plays and travelling theatre

• Exhibitions, Markets & Fairs

• Indoor sports, e.g. table tennis, bowls, badminton

• Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, e.g. gym equipment

• Dances and ceilidhs

• Larger-scale staging of existing events e.g. parties, film shows, meetings


In addition, the very popular and oversubscribed Primary School (which is very short of space) wants to use the church building for its Breakfast Club each morning.


We anticipate that, in one way or another, all of the 3,500 people who live in the village (of whom a quarter are aged 16 or under) will benefit from these plans.

Community Spirit