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     Services for March


Sunday   3rd March

  8.00am   Holy Communion

  9.30am   Morning Worship

11.15am   "Tonic"


Ash Wednesday 6th March

  7.00pm   Holy Communion for Ash



Sunday    10th March

9.30am    Holy Communion

               and Sunday School      11.15am   "Tonic"


Sunday     17th March

 8.00am    Holy Communion

 9.30am    Morning Worship

11.15am    "Tonic" and Communion


Sunday    24th March

 9.30am    Holy Communion

11.15am    "Tonic"


Sunday     31st March

11.00am    All Age Worship for

                 Mothers Day


You are welcome to come and join us at any of the services above, and also at:

Informal Morning Prayer every Monday at 8am.

Midday Prayer every Wednesday at 12 noon.










Welcome to St Luke's!












Our Vicar Tony Walker says:


We are now in the season of Lent, a time to examine our lives and get ourselves ready for Easter. During Lent, Christians remember the time when Jesus went into the desert to go without food and pray for 40 days before he began his work for God.


During Lent some people give up doing some things they really enjoy, such as cakes or chocolate, as a way of showing their commitment to become better people, more in charge of their own lives. But it doesn't have to be food related - it could be computer games, television or social media that you give up for Lent!


Rather than give something up, some people choose to do something extra, like collecting money for charity or doing some voluntary work.


Many people like to join in a Lent Discussion Group. Here in Morton this year we are basing our Groups on the Oscar-winning film ‘The King’s Speech’.  See the What’s On page for more details.

Our Vicar

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